Mike Obi’s Sound Advice

Mike Obi’s Sound Advice

Former Nigerian International Believes Victor Osimhen’s Future Shines Bright is Blue

Former Chelsea star John Obi Mikel humorously advised Victor Osimhen to choose Chelsea over Manchester United.

Mikel’s Optimistic Outlook

“On The Obi podcast, ‘ Mikel confidently stated that Osimhen has what it takes to succeed in the Premier League.”

“Mikel believes Osimhen has improved significantly and would fit seamlessly into the Premier League now.”

Stretching Defenders and Creating Chances

“Mikle praised Osimhen’s goal-scoring ability, speed, and ability to stretch defense, highlighting how he could be a valuable addition to any Premier League team.”

A  Chelsea Wish

“Mikel, a chelsea legend, playfully hopes Osimhen chooses Chelsea, acknowledging his strong inclination toward Manchester United.”

FIFA’s Star-Studded Referee Lineup

A Glimpse Into Mikel’s Life

“Beyond his on-field contributions, Mikel Obi is known for the intriguing story behind his name, which evolved from a roaster mistake, leading to ‘Mikel,’ a name he officially embraced as ‘Mikel John Obi’ in 2016.”

“Mikel appointed Youth Ambassador for Nigeria in 2021, showed incredible resilience through family hardships, including his father’s kidnapping in 2011 and another in 2018, leading to successful rescue operations.


“Mikel Obi’s humorous advice to Victor Osimhen highlights the excitement for his Premier League journey, whether at Chelsea or Manchester United.”

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