Lawal On Obi’s 2023 Win and Tinubu’s Fallout

Lawal On Obi’s 2023 Win and Tinubu’s Fallout

Babachir Lawal Challenges Election Results

Former Secretary to the Federal Government, Babachir Lawal, dispute the 2023 presidential election outcomes in Nigeria. He claims Peter Obi, of the Labour Party, is the true winner, not Bola Tinubu, the officially declared victor.

Election Results and Tribunal Verdict

INEC declared Bola Tinubu as the presidential election winner, and the election petition tribunal upheld his victory. However, Lawal’s statement contests these official results.

Lawal’s Data Claims

Lawal alleges that independent data shows Peter Obi received the most votes on February 25. Atiku Abubakar came second, and Bola Tinubu landed a distant third in the vote tally.

Lawal’s Statement

Lawal said, “I’ve avoided political discourse since May 2023 election. I needed time to analyze the data and focus on my farms due to the rainy season.”

Allegations of Tinubu’s Qualifications and Ethics

Lawal questions Tinubu’s qualifications and suggests he should resign to avoid public humiliation. He emphasizes leadership qualities and integrity.

Critique of Tinubu’s Appointments

Lawal criticizes Tinubu’s political appointments, claiming they lack competence. He accuses Tinubu of favoring supporters over merit.

Lawal’s Assertion

Babachir Lawal asserts that Tinibu’s appointees don’t prioritize Nigeria’s well-being. He predicts rising fuel prices, a declining Naira, and escalating insecurity.

Lawal’s claims have sparked political debate and uncertainty in Nigeria, questioning the legitimacy of the 2023 presidential election and Bola Tinubu’s qualification and ethics.

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