Lagos Orders Lekki Evacuation

Lagos Orders Lekki Evacuation

Seven-Day Notice to Vacate

The Lagos State Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, has given owners of illegal buildings in Lekki seven days to vacate. This means they have one week to leave their properties.

Inspection Tour

Wahab and the Special Adviser to the Governor on Environment, Olakunle Rotimi-Akodu, recently conducted an inspection tour of the Ikota River corridor. They wanted to see if property owners were following the rules about how far their buildings and fences should be from the river.

Respect the Drainage Master Plan

The commissioner urged residents to respect the State Drainage Master Plan. This means they should not build structures too close to the river, as it can cause problems with flooding. If they don’t follow the rules, their properties may be demolished.

Complaints from the Nigerian Conservation Foundation

The Nigerian Conservation Foundation complained about the damage done to the drainage channel on Orchid Road. This has affected the natural habitat of animals in the area. The state government has been trying to reclaim the drainage right of way, but some property owners have not been cooperating.

Enforcing the Law

The commissioner emphasized that the state government will continue to enforce the law. They want to prevent flooding, and developers, builders, and residents need to follow the rules. Without law and order, there cannot be development.

Illegal Structures and Encroachment

The commissioner and his team also visited other areas where illegal structures were found. They issued stop work orders and served notices to property owners. The state is determined to remove these structures and protect the environment.

Demolition of Shanties

The commissioner supervised the demolition of shanties on Thompson Avenue. This was done because residents had complained about security risks in the area. The state wants to get rid of shanties and other environmental infractions.

Lagos Residents Face Demolition

Efforts to Prevent Flooding

The state government has been taking measures to prevent flooding. They clean and maintain drainage channels, dredge canals, and build new drainages when necessary. They are committed to creating a sustainable environment.

Call for Participation

The Special Adviser on Environment called for the participation of citizens and communities in improving environmental sanitation. Everyone needs to work together to maintain a clean and sustainable environment.

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