Kokori’s Kidney Struggle

Kokori’s Kidney Struggle

A Struggle to Stay Alive

Frank Kokori, the former General Secretary of the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), is currently fighting a serious kidney disease at a private hospital in Warri, Delta State. While lying in his hospital bed, Kokori shared the difficulties he has faced, including the need to convince the hospital to keep the generators running all night to power the air-conditioning in his room, which is crucial for his survival.

Pleading for Life-Saving Measures

Expressing his distress, Kokori expressed his frustration with the hospital’s cost-saving measures due to financial constraints. He emphasized that if he had the money, he would have sought medical treatment abroad. Despite the challenging situation, he commended the hospital staff for their sacrifices. He shared a recent incident where he slipped into a coma but was revived and brought to the hospital.

An Urgent Call for Help

Highlighting the critical nature of his condition, Kokori mentioned the urgent need for dialysis and how he managed to climb the hospital stairs to reach his room. He pleaded with the hospital to keep the generators running to ensure that life-saving equipment functions properly. He emphasized the dire consequences if there is a lack of diesel.

Remaining Hopeful Amidst Challenges

When asked about seeking medical treatment abroad, Kokori expressed his willingness to accept any offer, but financial constraints are holding him back. Despite his health struggles, the elderly man took a moment to address the state of the nation. He called on the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to give President Bola Tinubu time to fulfill his campaign promises.

Economic Difficulties

Kokori empathized with President Tinubu, stating that he inherited a severely damaged economy from the previous administration. He mentioned that over 90 percent of the country’s income is used to pay off inherited debts. He urged patience from the labor union, acknowledging the enormous task faced by the new government in reviving the economy.

Meeting with the President

Recalling his interactions with President Tinubu, Kokori shared a meeting that took place a few weeks after Tinubu’s inauguration. He pleaded with the president to lead the country to greater heights. Kokori expressed excitement about Tinubu’s presidency and praised the alignment of those who fought against military rule with the current administration.

Mr Ibu’s Leg Amputation

A Life Dedicated to Democracy

In a moment of reflection, Kokori emphasized his unwavering commitment to democracy and his role in the struggle against military rule. He acknowledged the sacrifices made by himself and others, resisting temptations from the military to compromise their fight for democratic governance in Nigeria.

Gratitude and a Call for Awareness

Before concluding, Kokori expressed gratitude to President Tinubu for past financial assistance and praised the media for their patriotism. He emphasized the need for the world to recognize the shame of past leaders who, in his view, contributed to the current state of the country.

As Frank Kokori fights for his life, his words serve as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by individuals and the nation as a whole.

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