Kano Uncovers Ineligible Workers

Kano Uncovers Ineligible Workers

Illegal Workers Uncovered

The Kano State Government recently found out that there are 3,234 people who are illegally earning salaries in the state public service. This means that these individuals are getting paid even though they are not supposed to be.

Ineligible Workers

Among these ineligible workers, the government discovered a 13-year-old girl, students from primary and secondary schools, and even members of the National Youth Service Corps. These are people who should not be working and receiving salaries.

Investigation Report

The Secretary to the State Government, Dr Abdullahi Bichi, shared this information with the press. He talked about a committee that was set up by the state government to investigate this illegal recruitment. The committee found out about these ineligible workers.

Suspension of Salaries

Before this discovery, Governor Abba Yusuf had already ordered the suspension of salaries for over 10,000 public servants. These individuals were hired towards the end of the previous governor’s administration. The governor wanted to stop their salaries because they were hired improperly.

Failures of the Previous Administration

The committee found out that the previous administration did not properly consider the financial implications of hiring these workers. They rushed the employment process and did not even check if the applicants had the right qualifications or if their certificates were real.

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Recommendations and Sanctions

The government has decided to offer employment opportunities to 9,332 individuals who have the right qualifications. These people will be given a chance to work in the public service. However, appropriate sanctions will be given to those civil servants who were involved in this illegal recruitment. This means that they will face consequences for their actions.

Mother of the 13-Year-Old Girl

One of the people who will face sanctions is the mother of the 13-year-old girl. She admitted to the committee that she has been receiving salaries through her mother’s account. This is not allowed, especially since the girl is not even old enough to work.

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