“Kano Govt Accounts Frozen

Kano Govt Accounts Frozen

Court Takes Action

A big decision has been made by a court in Abuja! The court has frozen 24 bank accounts that belong to the Kano State government. This happened because the government owes N30 billion in compensation to the Incorporated Trustees of Masalachi Eid Shop Owners and Traders Association. These shop owners had their shops demolished by the government, and they think it was an illegal action.

What the Order Says

The court order says that the government’s bank accounts will be frozen until they pay the N30 billion compensation. The order also says that the Kano State Urban Planning and Development Authority, KNUPDA, and the Attorney General of Kano State must appear in court to explain why the order should not be made permanent. The court has given them 14 days to do this.

What Happens Next

The court case will continue on January 18, 2024. On that day, the government and the other parties involved will have to show why the order should not be made permanent. Until then, the government’s bank accounts will stay frozen.

Kano Uncovers Ineligible Workers

Why This Happened

The shop owners and traders went to court because they believed the government’s actions were wrong. The court agreed with them and ordered the government to pay N30 billion in compensation. Now, the government’s bank accounts have been frozen until they pay what they owe.

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