Horrific Discoveries at the Cattle Market in Abia State


Horrific Discoveries at the Cattle Market in Abia State

Governor Alex Otti shockingly revealed that over 50 decomposing bodies, more than 20 of them headless, of men, women, and children had recently been found around the Lokpanta Regional Cattle Market in Umunneochi Local Government Area. Furthermore, during a media briefing in Umuahia, the governor expressed deep regret that the market had transformed into a breeding ground for criminals where all sorts of heinous acts took place.

As a result, Governor Otti firmly declared that the government would remove all residents from the market and convert it to a daily market that closes in the evening. He highlighted the successful campaign against insecurity in the Umunneochi/Isuikwuato area and emphasized the administration’s determination to restore peace, order, and security across the state.
The governor vowed to eliminate all criminal havens and stated that any opposition to the sanitization efforts could only come from criminals or their accomplices. The administration employed advanced technology like electronic monitoring equipment to closely watch the entire state in the fight against lawlessness.

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In response, the government swiftly took action by tearing down many brothels and embarking on transforming the cattle market into a general-purpose market with different sections. The market was also being fenced, despite the high cost, to boost security and ensure it no longer served as a place for illegal activities such as gun running and prostitution.
Governor Otti insisted that those living in the market should return to their communities. The goal is to guarantee a peaceful Christmas season for the people of Abia. The governor dismissed political critics and “emergency opposition,” focusing instead on the welfare and safety of citizens and urging Abians to trust in his administration’s commitment to improving their well-being and transforming the state.

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