Honoring Prof Nnenna Oti

Honoring Prof Nnenna Oti

World Igbo Congress Hosts Prof Oti in America

The World Igbo Congress (WIC) recently held an event in Houston, Texas, to honor Prof Nnenna Oti. Prof Oti is the Vice Chancellor of Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO) and served as the returning officer for the March 19, 2023 gubernatorial election in Abia state. The WIC described Prof Oti as a pillar of integrity in Nigeria’s 2023 elections and a legacy of service beyond accolades.

A Beacon of Integrity

Dr. Festus Okere, the Chairman of WIC’s Board, led a delegation to welcome Prof Oti. He praised her for her act of integrity, courage, and incorruptibility in delivering the true democratic result of the Abia State governorship election. Despite facing financial inducements and threats to her family’s peace, Prof Oti stood unwavering as a potent antidote to corruption in Nigeria’s election process.

Inspiring the Next Generation

The Igbo Community also spoke highly of Prof Oti’s virtues. They compared her to legendary figures in history who stood against the tide. As an academic, Prof Oti’s commitment to ethical leadership transcends the ivory towers and serves as an inspiration to the next generation of women leaders. Her academic integrity and strength are qualities that can shape the course of a nation.

A Voice for the People

In a society where professors are often silenced and compromised, Prof Oti’s voice rang out loud and clear. Her refusal to capitulate to corruption safeguarded the sanctity of the election and contributed to the legitimate victory of Dr. Alex Otti, who truly represented the voice of the people.

Preserving Democracy

The WIC urged everyone to cast their votes as a tribute to the democracy that heroes like Prof Oti have fought to preserve. They called upon the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the Department of State Services (DSS), and all security agencies to uphold the sanctity of the electoral process.

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Prof Oti’s Message

During the event, Prof Oti expressed her delight in meeting the delegates. She shared her belief in a Nigeria where the will of the people is paramount and democracy is not a saleable commodity but the inalienable right of every citizen. Prof Oti encouraged others to emulate her principles and work for the betterment of their communities and country.

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