Helen Paul’s involvement

Helen Paul’s Involvement.

Helen Paul: The Voice Behind the Song

In a recent interview on the Honest Bunch Podcast, Nigerian comedian Helen Paul revealed that she was the voice behind the iconic line “Uncle, please tell us a story” in Psquare’s song ‘Story’ released in 2005. She shared that she got the opportunity because the original children who were supposed to do the voiceover didn’t show up.

From Receptionist to Voiceover Artist

At the time, Helen Paul was working as a receptionist and had no idea who Psquare was or how successful they would become. When the duo came to the studio to record their songs, they were disappointed that the children they were expecting didn’t arrive. That’s when Ayoadeife, one of the members, suggested that Helen could do the voiceover as she had a talent for imitating voices.

Although Helen didn’t know what “range” meant, she agreed to give it a try. She was offered the job, working at night for a low salary, but she didn’t mind as long as they bought her a soft drink, which she loved at the time. She lent her voice to the children in the song, and the different recordings were merged to create a full sound.

Little did Helen know that the song would become a hit, and she didn’t even think about putting her name on it or fighting for recognition.

Copyright Restraint on Firm

Voiceover Success

Helen Paul’s talent for voice acting opened doors for her, leading to many more job opportunities. She went from earning a monthly salary of N9,500 to over N400,000.

A Milk Product Ad

One of the jobs that came her way was a voiceover for a milk product. When the original child actor couldn’t do it due to exams, Helen was brought in to record the voice. She didn’t even know what she was signing when she agreed to do it. This job significantly increased her income, and she started earning around N400,000 or N450,000 every month.

Helen Paul’s story is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and making the most of your talents. From being a receptionist to becoming the voice behind a hit song, she showed that hard work and a unique skill set can lead to great success.

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