Governor Fubara Presents 2024 Budget to Rivers Lawmakers

Governor Fubara Presents 2024 Budget to Rivers Lawmakers

Governor’s Arrival

So, Governor Fubara showed up at the assembly meeting around 9:00 a.m. The assembly was led by Rt. Hon. Edison Ehie. The governor brought along some important people like the Secretary to the State Government, Tammy Danagogo, and the Commissioners for Finance and Information and Communications.

The Budget

The State Executive Council had a meeting and approved a budget of over N800 billion for the 2024 fiscal year. They called it the Budget of Renewed Hope, Consolidation, and Continuity. Fancy name, right?

Changes in the Assembly

During the meeting, Edison announced that 27 out of 32 lawmakers who switched to the APC party had lost their seats. That’s a big change!

Demolition of the Assembly Building

Guess what? The State House of Assembly building was demolished! The government was actually behind this project. Some people burned down the assembly building before, so things have been pretty chaotic.

Assembly Crisis

The lawmakers have been going through a tough time. Some of them wanted to impeach Governor Fubara, which caused a lot of problems. It’s been a real mess!

Fubara promises campaign fulfillment.

Demolition Process

Early in the morning, a bunch of heavy-duty machines like bulldozers and excavators showed up at the assembly complex. They started tearing things down at around 7:30 a.m. It’s still going on as we speak!

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