Glo Subscribers to be Barred From Calling MTN Lines

Glo Subscribers to be Barred From Calling MTN Lines


Globacom subscribers in Nigeria will soon face restrictions on calling MTN lines due to unpaid interconnect charges. The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) made this announcement in a public notice signed by Reuben Muoka, the Director of the Public Affairs Department.

Partial Approval for Disconnection

The NCC stated that it has granted partial approval for the disconnection of Globacom from MTN Nigeria Communications Plc. Globacom was allowed to comment and present its case, but the commission found that the company did not have sufficient reasons for non-payment of the interconnect charges.

Impending Restrictions

After 10 days from the date of the notice, Globacom subscribers will no longer be able to make calls to MTN lines. However, they will still be able to receive calls. The partial disconnection will only affect outbound calls from Globacom to MTN.

Past Disconnections

This is not the first time Glo subscribers have faced disconnection from calling MTN. In 2019, MTN briefly disconnected Glo subscribers due to a N4bn debt. In December 2018, the NCC approved the disconnection of operators with outstanding interconnect debts.

Active Urging for Good Governance

Interconnect Charges

Interconnect charges are the fees that telecom operators pay each other for calls terminating on their networks. Glo reportedly owes MTN around N6bn for interconnect fees.

Current Status

Efforts to obtain Glo’s reaction to the issue are still ongoing, as the company has not yet commented. As of August 2023, Glo had 61.39 million mobile subscriptions. According to the new NCC notice, these subscribers will lose the ability to call MTN lines starting from January 18, 2024.

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