Ghanaian Rapper’s Unconventional Farewell

Ghanaian Rapper’s Unconventional Farewell

A Unique Tribute

At the burial ceremony of Ghanaian rapper 2pm, Instead of lying down like most people do, his body was made to stand tall one last time. Can you imagine that? It left everyone who came to say goodbye amazed and emotional.

The Tragic Accident

Let me tell you what happened to 2pm. He was a 26-year-old rapper named Kwame Mensah. Sadly, he got into a terrible accident on November 17 in Wassa Akropong and lost his life. It was a shocking and sad moment for his fans and the music community in Ghana.

A Stirring Send-Off

The burial ceremony took place in Wassa Akropong, and it was a really emotional event. Instead of lying down in a casket, 2pm’s body was positioned upright. This allowed people to pay their respects while he appeared to be standing there. It was a unique way to honor him, and it made some people feel amazed and emotional.

Cultural Impact and Controversy

Now, this unique way of saying goodbye has sparked some discussions. Some people think it was a great way to honor 2pm’s vibrant personality, but others find it controversial. They question if it’s appropriate or if it goes against cultural traditions. It’s interesting to see different opinions on this.

Behind the Decision

Do you want to know why 2pm’s body was made to stand? Apparently, he had told his close friends that he wanted a different kind of farewell. He wanted his final moments to reflect his unique and unconventional personality. So, his family decided to honor his wishes.

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Fans and Colleagues Mourn

Despite the controversy, many fans and fellow artists came to pay their respects to 2pm. They were really sad and tears were flowing as they shared heartfelt tributes and eulogies. It was a way to show how much he meant to them and how much they will miss him.

Legacy Lives On

Even though this farewell was different and raised some eyebrows, 2pm’s memory will live on. His music and the impact he had on the Ghanaian music scene will always be remembered. This unique burial ceremony was a way to honor his distinctive presence in life.

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