Germany Seeks Nigerian Talent

Germany Seeks Nigerian Talent

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Nigerian President Bola Tinubu had an engaging discussion where they expressed interest in strengthening the relationship between Germany and Nigeria.

Scholz emphasized Germany’s need for talented workers from Nigeria and Africa. Over 12,000 Nigerians were at risk of deportation from Germany due to not qualifying for asylum. However, Scholz is committed to resolving these issues and creating legal migration pathways. He wants a system where people can come to Germany through regular means to work with their skills. Germany is actively working on agreements to make this a reality.
Furthermore, Scholz stressed the importance of cooperation in returning those without legal status to Germany. This is a key part of how the two countries collaborate.

President Tinubu acknowledged that Nigeria and Germany are partnering to give legal status to “economic refugees. He believes it is important to distinguish economic migrants from true refugees. Tinubu wants normal migration routes and deeper teamwork in this area to allow people with good character to go through the immigration process.

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Tinubu assured Scholz that Nigeria offers a welcoming business environment. Reforms are improving the economy and investment climate. Nigeria has abundant natural gas resources and is enhancing its liquefied natural gas. Tinubu stated reforms aim to facilitate investment in gas pipelines and shipments of LNG to Europe. Reducing oil subsidies and changing taxes also boost growth and protect investments.

In closing, the leaders’ discussions show Germany and Nigeria’s mutual interest in cooperation, regular migration, and economic growth. Both countries are actively working to foster talent exchange and investment while addressing immigration and asylum issues.

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