Gbajabiamila: No 2024 Renovation

Gbajabiamila: No 2024 Renovation

False Reports

The Chief of Staff to the President, Femi Gbajabiamila, has dismissed rumors about a budget provision for renovating his office. He called these reports “erroneous.”

No Renovation for Residence

Contrary to online claims, Gbajabiamila clarified that there is no budget allocation for renovating his residence in the 2024 Appropriation Bill. He emphasized that he lives in his private house.

Misleading Figures

The reports suggested that N10 billion was set aside for the renovation of the Chief of Staff’s residence, along with N10.1 billion for computer software. Gbajabiamila clarified that these figures are meant for renovating the Presidential Quarters and the Vice President’s Lodge, as well as upgrading communication facilities and providing vehicles for the Presidency staff.

FG Can Govern Debt-Free

Transparency and Responsibility

Gbajabiamila highlighted the importance of scrutinizing government expenditure and engaging in responsible public debate. He urged people to rely on facts rather than insinuations and falsehoods.

The Budget Presentation

Last week, President Bola Tinubu presented the nation’s N27.5 trillion budget, titled ‘Budget of Renewed Hope,’ to the National Assembly.

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