Gaza Children Find Respiration

readingA Moment of Joy Amidst Hardships

Imagine this: children playing on a beautiful beach, splashing in the water, and jumping over small waves. It sounds like a scene from a movie, right? Well, for some children in Gaza, it became a reality during a short break from the war between Israel and Hamas.

A Glimpse of Normalcy

While the children laughed and played, their parents couldn’t help but remember the difficulties they faced due to the war and homelessness. Asmaa al-Sultan, a displaced woman from northern Gaza, sat on the sand with her mother, who quietly shed tears.

A Temporary Escape

More than 30 members of the al-Sultan family, along with hundreds of other displaced people, found shelter in a UN school in Deir Al-Balah. They decided to visit the beach to take a breather from the crowded schools and the depressing environment they were living in.

A Mix of Emotions

Asmaa expressed her family’s feelings, saying, “People come to the beach to relax, swim, and have fun. But we are so depressed. We are on the beach, but we want to cry.”

The Harsh Reality

Hundreds of thousands of people in northern Gaza had to leave their homes due to Israel’s military assault. They sought refuge in tents, schools, or with friends and relatives in the southern part of the strip. The conditions in these temporary shelters were grueling, with overcrowding, limited facilities, and long queues for food and water.

A Glimpse of Hope

The beach at Deir Al-Balah provided a temporary escape for some displaced people. However, even there, the reality of their situation was evident. The beach had fishermen’s huts and was strewn with rubbish. Some displaced people had made these huts their temporary homes.

A Dream of Fishing

Waleed al-Sultan, one of Asmaa’s younger relatives, hoped to go fishing during the truce. He had brought nothing with him when he was displaced and saw fishing as a way to make a living. Unfortunately, Israeli guards had stopped him before, shooting at him and his fellow fishermen.

The Devastating War

The war began when Hamas militants attacked southern Israel, causing chaos and taking hostages. In response, Israel launched a full-scale assault on Gaza, resulting in the deaths of thousands of Palestinians, including many children.

Rising Tension Amidst Ongoing Conflict in Gaza

A Moment of Uncertainty

While some displaced people used the truce to check on their homes, others were too afraid to return to the north. They feared being shot at by Israeli soldiers and had no idea what state their homes might be in.

Fear for the Future

Hazem al-Sultan, Asmaa’s husband, expressed their fear and uncertainty about what would happen after the four-day truce. They were afraid for their children and themselves, not knowing what to do next.

Source: NAN

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