Gas Plant Explosion Panic

Gas Plant Explosion Panic

Early Morning Explosion Causes Panic

Something really scary happened in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. There was a big explosion at a gas plant in the Rumukurusi area. This happened early in the morning when most people were still sleeping. Can you imagine waking up to such a loud noise?

Residents Share Their Experience

People who live nearby said they heard people shouting from the gas plant. One lady named Grace saw a huge fire and lots of smoke when she woke up. She was really scared because her shop is close to the gas plant. It must have been a terrifying sight!

Efforts to Put Out the Fire

When our reporter went to the scene, they saw firefighters from the Federal Fire Service and Shell Petroleum Development Company trying to stop the fire. It took them almost four hours to finally put it out. One resident said that if it wasn’t for the Shell Fire Service workers, the situation could have been even worse.

Fire Destroys Electronics Showroom

Concerns and Safety Measures

Many people came out of their homes and businesses to see what was happening. Some were worried that the fire might spread and cause more damage. The police and fire teams made sure to block off the area and keep everyone safe.

Investigation Underway

The State Police Command confirmed the incident and said they have started investigating what happened. Thankfully, no one was hurt or killed in the explosion. It was caused by a gas cylinder leaking, but the police want to find out more details.

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