FG: Train more professionals to bridge brain drain

FG: Train more professionals to bridge brain drain

Collaboration for Success

The Federal Government wants universities in Nigeria to work together with foreign universities to train professionals who can replace those leaving the country. This is an important step to address the issue of brain drain.

Strict Guidelines

The government has also directed foreign universities to follow the guidelines set by Nigeria. These guidelines were developed by the National Universities Commission.

A Priority for Quality Education

The Minister of State for Education, Tanko Sununu, emphasized that providing access to quality education is a top priority for President Bola Tinubu’s administration. The Ministry of Education is committed to delivering quality education to Nigerians.

Addressing Brain Drain

Instead of just complaining about brain drain, the minister urged Nigerian universities to collaborate with foreign universities to train more professionals. Nigeria has a large population and can meet the global demand for skilled workers.

FG to Start Student Loan

Partnership with Rutgers University

The Chancellor of Rutgers University, Antonio Tillis, expressed his university’s interest in renewing the Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Lagos. They also want to expand collaborations with other Nigerian universities in research and academic programs exchange.

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