FG Lists New Ambassadors

FG Lists New Ambassadors

Recall of Ambassadors

President Bola Tinubu has recalled all of Nigeria’s ambassadors, both career and non-career, on September 2.

They have been asked to return to the country by October 31, 2023.

Reasons for Delay

Some ambassadors have already returned, while others are in the process of making travel arrangements.

One ambassador explained that each embassy or high commission has its unique circumstances, making it difficult for all ambassadors to meet the deadline.

He emphasized that those who couldn’t return on time were not disobeying the presidential directive, as there is a general recall of ambassadors every four years.

Another ambassador in Europe mentioned that his delay was due to unforeseen circumstances, but he assured that he was mostly in compliance with the October 31st deadline.

Supreme Court Backs President Tinubu

Compilation of New Ambassadors

The Presidency has started compiling a list of new ambassadors who will represent Nigeria in different countries.

However, it is currently unknown how many new ambassadors will be posted and when they will be assigned to their respective countries.

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