FG Halts N35,000 Award Payment

FG Halts N35,000 Award Payment


The organised Labour and the Federal Government are disagreeing because the government has stopped paying the N35,000 wage award to workers.


Workers in the Federal Civil Service were supposed to receive the N35,000 wage award every month. This was decided after President Bola Tinubu removed the fuel subsidy to reduce the hardship caused by the subsidy removal.

Current Situation

However, it seems that the government has only paid the wage award for September and has not made any further payments. This has left the workers confused and frustrated.

Worker Testimonies

Some workers have spoken up about the situation. One civil servant said that they have only received the wage award for September and have not heard anything else from the government. Another civil servant mentioned that their take-home salaries are not enough to cover their expenses anymore.

Labour’s Response

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is not happy with the government’s actions. The Head of Information at the NLC stated that this is unacceptable and that congress will take action. They will communicate with the government before deciding on their next steps.

Government’s Assurance

The spokesperson for the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation assured civil servants that they would receive their wage awards. The process to pay the awards has already started.

NLC and TUC Declare Imo State Strike

Minimum Wage Budget

The Federal Government has budgeted N1tn for minimum wage adjustments, promotion arrears, and severance benefits for civil servants. This information was revealed in the 2024 appropriation budget.

NLCS’s Stance on Minimum Wage

The NLC’s head of information explained that the congress will oppose any imposition of a new minimum wage by the government. They believe that negotiations should take place between all stakeholders before any decisions are made.



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