FCT Housing Scheme Stalls

FCT Housing Scheme Stalls

People who put money into the Federal Housing Scheme in the Federal Capital Territory are disappointed. They gave N5 billion to Good Homes Development Company Limited over the past ten years, but the company hasn’t delivered on its promise to build houses for them.

Dream Deferred: The Story of Olusegun Awoyeye

Olusegun Awoyeye is a retired deputy director who worked for the government for 35 years. He had a dream of owning his own house through the Federal Housing Scheme. But now, at 65 years old, his dream still hasn’t come true. Awoyeye is one of 166 people who feel let down by Good Homes’ broken promises.

Genesis of the Housing Scheme

In 2014, the Federal Government, the Federal Capital Territory Authority, the Nigeria Labour Congress, and the Trade Unions Congress agreed with Good Homes Development Company Limited. They wanted the company to build 1,000 houses in one year on 289 hectares of land. Former President Goodluck Jonathan supported the project, so people had high hopes.

Broken Promises: Subscribers Plight

People who put money into the housing scheme, including retired civil servants, are telling their sad stories. They gave a lot of money, hoping to own homes in six months. But now, many of them are sick and struggling with money. They feel like they were tricked because nothing has been done.

FHA Demolition: Grief Unveiled

Real Estate Fraud Epidemic

This problem with the housing scheme is just one example of the many cases of real estate fraud in Nigeria. The government doesn’t do a good job of making sure everything is fair, so people get tricked. Festus Adebayo, who works for the Housing Development Advocacy Network, says there needs to be better rules to protect people.

Wasted Investments and Failed Promises

People who put money into the housing scheme are angry because they feel like they wasted their money. The real estate companies promised them one thing, but they didn’t deliver. Even after ten years, the houses still aren’t finished. People want to know why the company isn’t being punished for this.

Project Site: A Symbol of Abandonment

When people went to see where the houses were supposed to be built, they found abandoned buildings, plants growing everywhere, and people using the land for farming. It’s really sad because this place was supposed to be a sign of hope for civil servants, but now it just shows that the project was abandoned.

Subscribers Resolute Stand

Even though it’s been really hard, the people who put money into the housing scheme are not giving up. They want justice and they want the houses to be finished. They are asking government officials like President Bola Tinubu, FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, and Minister of Housing and Urban Development Ahmed Dangiwa to help them get their money back.

Good Homes Limiteds Response

Good Homes Limited says they didn’t do anything wrong and it’s the government’s fault for not giving them enough money. They say that more than 60% of the people who put money into the scheme have already traded their land for something else. They are also giving money back to people who don’t want to be part of the project anymore.


As the people who put money into the housing scheme keep fighting for what’s right, this story shows that there need to be better rules in the real estate industry. People need to be protected and the companies need to be held accountable for what they promise.

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