Fake Presidential Plates Used

Fake Presidential Plates Used

Smugglers Resort to Fake Number Plates

Smugglers in Nigeria have found a new way to deliver vehicles across the country. They are using fake presidential number plates and number plates belonging to various state and local governments, MDAs, Emirate Councils, and other governmental institutions. This illegal activity has been condemned by Chedi Wada, the Customs Comptroller of the Nigeria Customs Service, Federal Operations Unit Zone “B”, Kaduna.

Customs Vows to Stop Smugglers

Chedi Wada has made it clear that the customs will not allow smugglers to continue using these tactics. He stated that customs officers are well-trained and can easily identify fake number plates. The customs will not be fooled by these old tricks.

Respect the Presidency

Wada expressed his disappointment with the smugglers for disrespecting the presidency. He emphasized the importance of respecting the leadership and urged the smugglers to stop using fake presidential number plates.

Impounding Fake Number Plates

Wada revealed that the customs have already impounded many vehicles with fake number plates, including those belonging to local governments, ministries, and other government institutions. The customs are committed to suppressing anti-smuggling activities and protecting Nigeria’s economy.

NIS Passport Service Expansion

Media’s Role in Educating the Public

Wada acknowledged the media’s assistance in spreading awareness about customs rules and regulations. He explained that customs have the authority to enter premises and seize contraband based on intelligence. He urged the public to understand and cooperate with customs in their efforts to combat smuggling.

Collaboration with the Press

Wada appreciated the visit from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) and assured them of continuous collaboration. He emphasized the importance of customs jobs and encouraged Nigerians to stay informed about customs activities through social media platforms.

Overall, the customs are determined to put an end to the use of fake number plates by smugglers and protect the country from illegal activities.

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