Edison Ehie’s Resignation

Edison Ehie’s Resignation

Governor Fubara Sim Fubara Explains

Governor Fubara Sim Fubara recently spoke about why Edison Ehie decided to step down as Speaker of the State’s House of Assembly. This announcement was made during a gathering in Port Harcourt, where Governor Fubara addressed a crowd that included important people like former state governor Peter Odili and his wife.

A Strategic Move for Peace

According to Governor Fubara, Edison Ehie’s decision to resign as Speaker was a strategic move to bring peace and stability to the state. The governor made it clear that this decision was not about gaining personal benefits or power. Instead, it showed the leadership’s dedication to the well-being of the people. Governor Fubara explained, “It is to tell you what we can do for peace.” He wanted to address the concerns and questions that many people had about the sudden resignation.

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A Loyalist’s Resignation

Mary Ehie, who is a loyal supporter of Governor Fubara, also resigned during a tense political situation. This situation involved a disagreement between the governor and Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory.

Edison Ehie’s resignation was made official in a letter dated December 29, 2023. The letter was addressed to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Since then, there has been a lot of speculation and discussion about this topic in the state’s political circles.

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