Dangote: First Crude supply

Dangote: First Crude supply

The Dangote Refinery, which is a huge facility that makes fuel, has just received its first shipment of crude oil. This means that after a lot of delays, the refinery is finally getting ready to start producing fuel!

The Arrival of the Crude Oil

According to some experts and data from tanker tracking, the first shipment of crude oil arrived at the Dangote Refinery in Nigeria. A tanker called OTIS brought 950,000 barrels of a type of crude oil called Agbami on December 6th. Then, on Thursday, the oil was unloaded at the refinery’s terminal. This is a big step because it means that the refinery can now begin its operations.

The tanker that brought the crude oil was chartered by the Nigerian National Petroleum Company, which is owned by the government. They are supplying the initial crude oil for the refinery as it starts to ramp up its operations.

More Crude Oil on the Way

The Dangote Refinery is privately owned and was officially completed in May. However, it hasn’t been able to make any fuel yet because it didn’t have enough crude oil. But now, the Nigerian National Petroleum Company has agreed to supply 6 million barrels of crude oil to the refinery in December. This means that more shipments of crude oil will be coming to the refinery soon.

One of the types of crude oil that will be used at the refinery is called Agbami. It is produced by Chevron and is one of Nigeria’s biggest deepwater developments. Agbami is known for producing a lot of naphtha and kerosene, which are used to make different types of fuel.

Crude Exports Surge Local Supply

Getting Ready to Produce Fuel

The Dangote Refinery has been delayed many times since it was first announced in 2013. But now, most of the important parts of the refinery have been installed. One of the main units in the refinery is called the crude distillation unit, which can process 12 different types of crude oil at the same time. It has been designed to process three specific types of Nigerian crude oil.

Once the refinery is fully operational, it will be able to produce a lot of different types of fuel. It will make 327,000 barrels per day of gasoline, 244,000 barrels per day of diesel, 56,000 barrels per day of jet fuel, and 290,000 metric tons per year of propane and LPG. That’s a whole lot of fuel!

So, The Dangote Refinery is finally getting ready to start producing fuel. It’s been a long journey, but soon we’ll have a new source of fuel in Nigeria. Exciting times ahead!

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