Courageous 10-Yr-Outdated Escapes Kidnappers, Seeks Household Reunion

Courageous 10-Yr-Outdated Escapes Kidnappers, Seeks Household Reunion

In a outstanding story of braveness, 10-year-old Blessing Felix escaped kidnappers after being kidnapped in Abia State and brought to Abuja. Her escape has touched hearts, and efforts at the moment are underway to reunite her along with her household.

The ordeal started when Blessing, operating errands for her grandmother in Abia State, was snatched by an unknown girl. She was compelled right into a automobile’s trunk and pushed a whole lot of kilometers to Abuja.

Regardless of the harrowing circumstances, Blessing displayed outstanding bravery. She had been entrusted to a different girl’s care in Abuja, and when the guardian nodded off, Blessing decisively seized the chance to flee.

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In time, she was found in an Abuja neighborhood, disoriented and exhausted. Compassionate residents promptly prolonged their help, and Blessing fervently conveyed her deep longing to journey again to her village and embrace her household as soon as extra.


Efforts to swiftly find her household in Abia State had been set in movement, as a video recounting her expertise and expressing her fervent want for reunion with family members was courageously shared throughout varied social media platforms.

The Abia State Police Command and Abuja authorities are collaborating to research her abduction.

Blessing’s escape and willpower have impressed many, highlighting the significance of vigilance and group help in little one abduction circumstances. The world hopes for a joyful reunion, turning her traumatic expertise right into a heartwarming story of resilience.

Date: September 21, 2023

Location: Abuja, Nigeria

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