Charles Okocha vs. Portable: Rematch

Charles Okocha vs. Portable: Rematch

As Charles Okocha and Portable gear up for their boxing rematch, it’s important to understand the challenges Okocha might face. Whoever suggested this celebrity boxing match doesn’t have Okocha’s best interests at heart. Okocha must realize that looking strong alone won’t guarantee victory against an opponent like Portable, who possesses both experience and tactics. The match that took place on December 26, 2023, must have left Okocha’s fans on the edge of their seats.

Allegations and Seeking a Rematch

Interestingly, Okocha is now claiming that the boxing match was rigged. But what did he expect? In addition to accusing Portable of foul play, Okocha is also pointing fingers at the referee, claiming incompetence in matters of boxing and its rules. As a result, he is demanding a rematch.

Portable Demands N5m Payment

Words of Advice

Anyone close to Okocha needs to advise him to stay home and enjoy the blessings that life has to offer in 2024. Seriously, Habeeb Badmus, also known as Portable, who was declared the winner, is not just a street-pop artist, but also an experienced boxer. What Okocha witnessed during their first match might be even more intense this time. Starting the new year with broken ribs, lips, and arms is not a good idea. In conclusion, Okocha should carefully consider the risks involved in this rematch. He must prioritize his well-being and make wise decisions for his future.

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