Boyfriend Arrested for Killing Off-Campus Student

Boyfriend Arrested for Killing Off-Campus Student

Swift Apprehension: Police Respond to Disturbing Discovery

The unidentified accused individual was swiftly apprehended by the Nigerian police following the tragic discovery of the lifeless body of the 300-level UNIPORT student in her off-campus residence on a fateful Wednesday evening.

Heart-Wrenching Discovery: Roommates Find Gruesome Scene

Joy Okon, a diligent Business Administration student, met her untimely demise, and her lifeless body was discovered by her roommates. Their return from classes revealed a gruesome and harrowing scene, prompting them to alert the authorities.

Intensive Investigation: Seeking Answers Amidst Tragedy

In response, the police arrived and initiated a thorough investigation. While an argument between the couple is the most probable cause, a definitive determination of the exact cause of death awaits official confirmation from a post-mortem examination.

Key Witnesses: Insights Into the Tragic Event

Intriguingly, witnesses reported hearing a commotion preceding the tragic incident, and investigators are actively engaging with them to gather crucial evidence against the accused.

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Compassionate Responds: UNIPORT Officials Extend Support

UNIPORT officials have taken a compassionate stance, offering condolences, counseling, and unwavering support to all those profoundly affected by this heart-wrenching tragedy.

Awaiting Justice: Accused Boyfriend in Custody

As it stands, the accused boyfriend remains in police custody, awaiting formal charges, with no details regarding his motive or criminal record released to the public.

Campus Safety Concerns: A Broader View

This incident raised safety concerns for off-campus students. UNIPORT and local law enforcement increased security measures.

Hoping for Justice: Community’s Call Amidst Grief

The community hopes for justice as the investigation unfolds. Joy Okon’s passing reminds all to prioritize safety, especially for off-campus students.

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