Beverly Osu’s Unconventional Journey

Beverly Osu’s Unconventional Journey

In a recent Tea With Tay podcast episode, Nollywood’s bold Beverly Osu shocked and amused fans. She spilled on her brief convent stint and expulsion, all thanks to her role as lucifer. This story is wild

A Stubborn Child Sent Packing 

Beverly Osu, who has been one to shy away from controversy, spilled the bean about her stint in a convent during her secondary school days. According to the actress, it was her family’s ingenious plan to send her away due to her percieved stubbornness. So, what’s the most logical solutions? Covenant life, of course!

In her own words, Osu stated, ” Family first said this girl is very stubborn, let us throw her in there and I just said okay.” Yes, you heard the right; she just said “okay” to convent life like it was a spa weekend getaway.

The Convent Chronicle: From Sister to Lucifer

Osu shared the events leading to her convent exit. She agreed to be reverend sister but got expelled for a cinematic reason.

She confessed, “I still wonder why they expelled me. I played secular music, was the drum perfect, and did stage plays.” Classic drum-perfect-turned-lucifer, right?

Adding to the drama, her role as lucifer led to some convent mates to brand her a witch in their dreams.

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The Not-So-Explicit Explusion

Here’s the twist: The school didn’t say “explusion.” They told her to do “God’s work” elsewhere and made it clear she’s not welcome back.

They told me to do God’s world elsewhere, “Osu said sarcastically, “It’s not explusion, but they gave me a “never return’ letter. Euphemism, right?”

Beverly Osu’s journey from a stubborn child sent to the convent to playing lucifer on stage and her rollercoaster school status continues to captivate. Hr career, whether on screen or in the holy realm, keeps entertained.


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