Bella Shmurda Rejects Portrait of Him and Mohbad

Bella Shmurda Rejects Portrait of Him and Mohbad

A Surprising Rejection

In a video that’s been circulating online, Nigerian singer Bella Shmurda was given a picture frame of himself and his late friend Mohbad during a music show. The crowd was excited, but Bella shocked everyone by refusing to take the gift home.

Why the Rejection?

Bella explained that he couldn’t put such a picture in his house, so he told the fan who brought it to take it back home. However, he did promise to give the fan some money as a reward.

Bella Shmurda’s Promise to Mohbad’s Son

Amidst Controversy

Meanwhile, Bella Shmurda has made a promise to take care of Mohbad’s child. Some people have been calling for a DNA test to determine the child’s paternity, but Bella is stepping up to support the child regardless.

Followers Declare Mysterious Communication with Late Mohbad

A Message to His Late Friend

Bella Shmurda shared on his Instagram story that he is still grieving the loss of Mohbad, even though he’s been told to move on. He admitted to turning to alcohol to cope with the pain and expressed regret that Mohbad’s son, Abiola Imole, will grow up without knowing his namesake. However, Bella promised to honor Mohbad’s legacy and take care of his son, Liam.

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