Bayelsa Child Marriage

Bayelsa Child Marriage

Government Steps In

The Bayelsa Government has called upon the parents of a four-year-old girl and a 54-year-old man who were allegedly involved in a marriage ceremony in the Akeddei community. This action comes after media reports of the wedding on December 26th. The government’s response was provided in a statement by Dr. Dise Ogbise-Goddy and Mr. Paniebi Jacob, expressing their concern over the “illegal marriage” based on tradition and customs.

Child Rights Advocacy

The Ministry of Women, Children Affairs, and Social Development, along with the Gender Response Initiative Team (GRIT), received a formal complaint from the DO Foundation, a child rights advocacy group. They acknowledged the complaint and are taking steps to address the situation.

Government’s Stance

The Bayelsa Government strongly opposes child marriage in any form. They have passed the Bayelsa State Child Rights Law to protect children from harmful practices. They are determined to rescue the child involved in this illegal ceremony and ensure that incidents like this do not happen again in the state.

Controversial Background

According to sources, the alleged marriage was arranged by the girl’s parents. They claim that the 54-year-old man was her husband in their previous life. The girl herself believes that the man was her husband who mysteriously died in their past life. She has been searching for him by being born to different parents in different places.

NEC Official Rescued Successfully

Community’s Decision

To prevent the girl from leaving the Akeddei community, the people decided to organize a grand wedding ceremony to unite the two lovers from their previous lives. The Bayelsa Government is committed to protecting the rights of children and will ensure that this case is resolved properly.

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