Bandits Attack Village in Southern Kaduna

Bandits Attack Village in Southern Kaduna

The village of Ungwan Baka in Kachia, Kaduna was attacked by bandits early Tuesday morning. Sadly, one farmer lost their life and two others were injured during the unprovoked assault. In addition, the attackers kidnapped around 25 innocent residents while they slept.

A Deadly Surprise

It is believed the bandits targeted the community under the cover of darkness, armed with guns and machetes. Entering silently, the attackers surprised locals who were asleep. This brutal invasion has left the village in a state of shock.

Waiting for a Response

Though news of the violent incident spread quickly, the local police have yet to make an official statement. Residents and others concerned eagerly await a response from authorities on how they will address the growing security issues in the region.

A Chilling Account

One survivor, choosing to remain anonymous for their safety, shared details of the terrible events. They confirmed that approximately 25 people were taken hostage early Tuesday. Two individuals were hurt and taken to the hospital, with hopes for their swift recovery. The survivor asked for prayers for those kidnapped to be returned safely. They noted this was the third attack on their village, highlighting the recurring violence.

Gazans Loot Aid Centers, UN Reports

A Community in Crisis

The people of Ungwan Baka now mourn the loss of their neighbor and pray for the injured. They live with uncertainty around the fate of the 25 abducted. This marks another example of the ongoing violence and lack of security plaguing Southern Kaduna, leaving residents constantly afraid.

As police investigate and respond, the village and wider Kaduna community are left feeling vulnerable. They urgently need effective security to protect lives and property. The attacks highlight Nigeria’s pressing need to enhance security efforts to combat rising crime and ensure citizen safety.

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