Arrested Ekiti Pastor

Arrested Ekiti Pastor

Pastor’s Dark History: Expelled from CAC in Ekiti West, heinous act follows reassignment to Ori Oke Ido Mountain.

Stepbrother’s Shocking Discovery: The stepbrother, Samuel Ibironke, uncovered the pastor’s sinister plot

Pastor Lured Health Worker Wife, Unveiling Harsh Reality: In a shocking turn of events, the pastor enticed his wife, a health worker, for assistance, only for her to confront the harsh reality – her sister had fallen victim to a ruthless strangulation.

Desperate Attempt to Conceal the Crime: In a gruesome effort to evacuate the fetus without parental consent, the suspect, caught in the act, tried to flee town with the lifeless body. However, authorities intercepted him at Ita-Ido.

Police Intervention: Swiftly taken to the police post in Ido-Ile and later to Ekiti West District Police, the case is now in the hands of the homicide section of the state command.

Pastor’s Troubled History: Earlier this year, the pastor faced allegations of child kidnapping on the mountain where he worked, leading to his dismissal from the CAC, though later reinstated.

Tragic Demise of the Pregnant Wife: Reports reveal that the pastor was legally married to Adeyemi Adetola Oluwadare, who already had two grown children with him. His alleged act took the life of his wife, carrying an eight-month pregnancy.

Grieving Family: The only child of her mother, the deceased left her in a coma since the incident.

Ogun Finance Director Killed.

Community Outcry: The Kabiyesi, Olojudo of Ido-Ile, Oba Aderemi Obaleye, expressed deep sorrow, urging authorities to investigate and bring the culprit to justice.

Police Confirmation: After the incident, the police in Ido-Ile confirmed the details. State command sources assured an ongoing investigation and the suspect facing charges soon.

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