Adeleke Presents N273bn budget

Adeleke Presents N273bn budget

The Osun State Government recently announced its budget for the 2024 fiscal year. The budget called the ‘Budget of Reconstruction and Recovery,’ amounts to a total of N273,908,997,410.00.

Budget Breakdown

The governor of the state, Adeleke, presented the budget to the State House of Assembly. He explained that N165,654,976,700.00 would be allocated for recurrent expenditure, while N108,254,020,710.00 would be allocated for capital expenditure.

Focus on Rebuilding

Adeleke emphasized that this budget reflects his administration’s commitment to rebuilding the state. He inherited a state that faced many challenges, and this budget aims to address those issues.

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Targeting Recovery

The governor also highlighted that this budget signifies his administration’s focus on recovery. After successfully revamping all sectors of the state, they are now determined to achieve further progress.

Commitment to Achieving Goals

Adeleke assured the lawmakers that his administration is dedicated to achieving the goals outlined in the budget. Once the proposal is passed into the Appropriation Act, they will work diligently to ensure its implementation.


The presentation of the 2024 budget is a significant step towards the reconstruction and recovery of Osun State. Adeleke’s administration aims to utilize public funds efficiently for the maximum benefit of the people, and the State House of Assembly will play a crucial role in ensuring its timely passage and oversight.

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