Actress Defamation: Iyabo vs. Lizzy

Actress Defamation: Iyabo vs. Lizzy

In a surprising twist in the Nigerian film industry, popular actress Iyabo Ojo has filed a lawsuit against her colleague, Lizzy Anjorin, accusing her of defaming her character. The feud between the two actresses escalated when Lizzy made damaging statements about Iyabo on social media, leading to legal action.

The Allegations

Iyabo Ojo recently shared a letter from her legal team on social media, accusing Lizzy Anjorin of making false statements about her on various social media platforms. The letter demanded that Lizzy retract her statements, publicly apologize, and pay N500 million in damages for the harm caused by her defamatory remarks.

The Background

The conflict between Iyabo and Lizzy had been brewing for some time. Lizzy reportedly indirectly targeted Iyabo over the success of Mohbad, which intensified their rift. Additionally, Lizzy claimed that Iyabo Ojo was romantically involved with popular singer Naira Marley and accused her of being behind the notorious faceless blog, Gistlover.

The Legal Ultimatum

Iyabo’s legal team gave Lizzy a 14-day ultimatum to comply with their demands. If Lizzy fails to do so, she may face a more severe lawsuit seeking damages of N1 billion.

The Social Media Response

Iyabo Ojo posted screenshots of the letter on her social media page, captioning it with “14 days is around the corner. Saga activated.” The feud has sparked a lot of discussion on social media, with fans and industry observers sharing their opinions. Some are calling for a peaceful resolution, while others are eagerly waiting for Lizzy Anjorin’s response to Iyabo’s legal action.

Court Decision in Mohbad Case

The Future of the Lawsuit

It remains to be seen how this legal battle will unfold. The Nollywood community is closely watching as these two prominent actresses find themselves entangled in a defamation lawsuit that could have significant consequences for their personal and professional lives.

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