Activate Fire Service Tech

Activate Fire Service Tech

Improved Response Time and Safety

The Controller General of the Federal Fire Service, Mr Jaji Abdulganiyu, has announced that the service will soon activate its new digital fire detection platform.This platform actively introduces innovative solutions to tackle the dynamic challenges posed by the evolving nature of fire disasters worldwide.

By using this digital innovation, the fire service aims to improve response time, which will help reduce the loss of lives and property to the lowest possible level.

Digital Fire Detection Training

In collaboration with Hoist Life Safety Systems Limited, the Federal Fire Service has started a one-week digital fire detection training for its personnel. The training began at the Federal Fire Service Zonal Command Headquarters in Lagos and will be conducted in all zonal commands across the country.

The Controller General emphasized the importance of this training due to the dynamic nature of fire disasters. He mentioned that the upcoming digital innovation will enhance response time, ultimately saving lives, protecting property, and preventing economic loss.

Participants in the training expressed their excitement about being part of this innovation and acquiring new digital skills that will improve their work efficiency.

Fire Destroys Electronics Showroom

Preventing Fire Outbreaks

Additionally, the Controller General emphasized the importance of taking precautions to prevent fire outbreaks, particularly during the yuletide season. He underscored the unique challenges of this period, including heightened migration, increased cooking, and congregation. These factors can contribute to carelessness, resulting in a higher likelihood of fire incidents.

Let’s all stay safe and be responsible to protect ourselves and our communities from fire hazards!

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