A Survivor’s Heartbreaking Story

A Survivor’s Heartbreaking Story


In 2015, a tragic event known as the Zaria massacre took place in Kaduna State, Nigeria. Hajiya Jummai Karofi, a survivor of the massacre, recently shared her heartbreaking story. She lost five of her children during the incident and has given up hope of ever getting justice.

The Traumatic Experience

Karofi described her experience as traumatic and terrible. She witnessed the deaths of many people and saw more corpses than she ever thought she would in her life. The attackers were shooting indiscriminately, without any reason or rhyme.

A Mother’s Loss

As a mother of nine children, Karofi lost five of them in the Zaria massacre. Three of her biological children and two adopted children were killed. One of her surviving children still carries a bullet in his chest from the attack. Karofi herself was severely injured.

No Hope for Justice

Despite the pain and loss she has endured, Karofi has lost hope for justice. She believes that the movement she belongs to has been targeted twice without any reason during the current administration. She feels that there is no chance of getting the justice her family deserves.

The Anniversary

Karofi shared her story during the 8th anniversary of the Zaria massacre, which was held in Abuja. The event focused on remembering the fallen heroes and raising awareness about the rights violations that occurred during the massacre.

Bandits Attack Village in Southern Kaduna

Guest Speaker’s Call for Justice

One of the guest speakers at the event, Prof Isah Hassan Mshelgaru, emphasized the need for justice. He called for the prosecution of those responsible for the massacre and urged human rights advocates and international organizations to take action.

Seeking Global Support

Mshelgaru suggested that similar efforts should be made to raise awareness about the Zaria massacre, just like the global support for the Palestinian issue. He believes that by garnering international sympathy, the violators can be brought to justice before the International Court of Justice.

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