A-Ibom Corps Abduction Threat

A-Ibom Corps Abduction Threat

Parents and Family Members Fear for the Safety of Abducted Corps Members

Parents and family members of the prospective corps members from Akwa Ibom State are living in fear. These young people were kidnapped on August 17, 2023, while they were on their way to an orientation camp in Sokoto State. The abductors are demanding a ransom of N10 million from each family in exchange for the release of the victims.

Parents Struggle to Meet Demands

Mr. Mfon Friday, a family member of one of the victims, revealed that the parents have already paid a total of N30.8 million to the abductors. They initially paid N13.6 million, and later paid an additional N17.2 million. However, despite these payments, the children have not been released.

Desperate Plea for Help

The situation has become dire, as the kidnappers have now demanded an additional N70 million from the parents. This demand has left the families in a state of despair, as they struggle to come up with the money. Mr. Friday expressed his anger and frustration, questioning why the government has not taken action to save the lives of these young graduates.

Health Concerns for the Abducted Victims

According to a sibling of one of the victims, the remaining seven captives have fallen seriously ill. The kidnappers are using their deteriorating health as leverage to demand a higher ransom. The families are terrified that if they don’t pay soon, their loved ones may die. This revelation has caused great distress, especially considering that the victims come from humble backgrounds and cannot afford such large sums of money.

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An Urgent Plea for Assistance

The families of the abducted corps members are desperate for help. They are appealing to the citizens of Nigeria to come together and support them in any way possible. Their hope is that with enough public pressure, the government will take action to ensure the safe return of these young individuals.

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